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Introducing our cutting-edge Anesthesia AI feature – a revolutionary advancement in patient care and safety. Master Anesthesia understands the critical role that anesthesia plays in medical procedures, and we are thrilled to present an intelligent solution designed to enhance precision and efficiency in administering anesthesia.

Our AI-driven system leverages state-of-the-art algorithms to thoroughly analyze a plethora of data which will assist in optimizing your delivery of anesthesia. With a commitment to prioritizing patient well-being, our Anesthesia AI feature aims to elevate the standards of anesthesia management, providing anesthesia professionals with a powerful tool to enhance their practice. Welcome to the future of anesthesia, where technology augments your professional training – for a safer healthcare experience.

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Master Anesthesia is as your trusted companion, standing by to assist you with challenging surgical cases. Similar to a fellow provider, Master Anesthesia is here to lend expertise, guidance, and support as you navigate complex anesthesia scenarios. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a student seeking more experienced insights, you can rely on Master Anesthesia to be by your side, ensuring that you have the assistance you need for successful outcomes.


Make the most of your precious 30-minute lunch break without spending it on research! Let Master Anesthesia provide you with the anesthetic implications of that condition you haven’t encountered since school, all in less than 5 minutes. 


Each drug comes with a plethora of information to remember. We’ve got you covered by condensing the essential details into a concise overview that takes less than 5 minutes. Get a quick and practical understanding of each drug without feeling inundated with information.


Over 1000 anesthesia-related acronyms

“In the OR, the C/S was underway with the MDA and CRNA managing the CABG. As the CPB was initiated, CMS protocols for CVC placement were followed. Meanwhile, an AA prepared the CPAP and the CMT checked the COETT. The CEA was postponed due to elevated BUN and BZD was on hold due to potential CLABSI. Post-op, the CICV strategy was discussed to ensure optimal CPSP management.”

...enough said.





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