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Incredible Anesthesia Reference
Incredible Anesthesia Referencejdobbs15
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Matthew and his team have created an thorough and comprehensive app to efficiently look up need-to-know information on various procedures, conditions, and medications. I had a brief technical difficulty with the app and Matthew was very quick to respond with assistance. Will continue to subscribe!
Critical Information
Critical Informationdebjjohn
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Kuddos to you for developing this power packed app! After 20 years I no longer need to carry a text book around.
Great reference for mission to...
Great reference for mission to...Wurd Up
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Using this app (MasterAnesthesia) for a medical mission trip to the Philippines!! I work mainly OB for the last 18+ years and haven't done peds since school. This app was a great help in remembering the basics in dosing kids!! Thank you!!
Great App
Great AppLeznu218
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Great app, lots of helpful info and cheat sheets.
Great Resource
Great Resource07nvi
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Love this app! Great for my care plans and when I need info in the OR. Would recommend!
Great Anesthesia App!!!
Great Anesthesia App!!!Gasssssss
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Easy to use. Tons of information!
Fantastic clinical tool for the...
Fantastic clinical tool for the...b4u
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I prefer this app for its design, layout, and better description of surgical cases. The calculator tab is top notch!
Phenomenal Resource
Phenomenal ResourceSwanHasan
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A fantastic learning tool
Best Anesthesia App on the Market
Best Anesthesia App on the Marketwrgh sd
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This app is concise, accurate, and user-friendly. I am a CA-1 anesthesia resident and this app has changed my ability to learn the skill of anesthesia. Thank you!!
Great app
Great appGoosedrooster
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Easy to use. Quick to find answers.
Legit Anesthesia App
Legit Anesthesia Appjohnnypark44
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This app has an incredible amount of information within it for anesthesia providers.
GreatShilpa Shilps
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Very user friendly and accurate! Very practical to use on the job as a student and I'm sure it will continue to be helpful even after I graduate!
Excellent app
Excellent appsudheer378
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Very good app to have in every anesthesiologist mobile. Thank you
Master Anesthesia
Master AnesthesiaLMartinCRNA
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This is a quick and easy app for clinical anesthesia. My favorite part is the calculations tab as I mainly use it when providing pediatric anesthesia.
Awesome Anesthesia App!
Awesome Anesthesia App!robrogerscrna
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The best anesthesia app on the market by far!
Really Helps
Really HelpsPeejerz
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Excellent quick source to help care for patients
All Inclusive
All InclusiveReal cheap
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This app has so many useful tools and calculators, it's a wonderful asset to my practice!
The Best
The BestAnesthesiaAle
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Seriously such a helpful app for anesthesia providers. Really user friendly and find myself using it more than other competing apps.
Master Anesthesia
Master Anesthesiadavidmtsa
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Absolutely love this app.... high five to creator(s)
Perfect for Clinicals
Perfect for Clinicalsaberrant826
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Don't have to go messing around with text books or google when all the information is on the app. Would be great if they can possible create an Apple Watch app for the calculator.
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If you are an SRNA, CRNA, or anesthesiologist - you need this app. 10 out of 10 recommend
By far the best for quick info
By far the best for quick infoajRom116 RN
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This app provides the most concise and up to date info regarding the most prevalent info on anesthesia. It's great as a resource for students, novice's in the profession and even pros. Definitely recommend this app for anyone to learn about anesthesia
Such a great resource
Such a great resourceBooboobear1234
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This resource has been great to have in launch and to help prepare for cases! So happy with it. Great job guys!
Great Anesthesia Application
Great Anesthesia ApplicationBeacht, L
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Comprehensive and easy to use!
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Awesome App Really enjoyed this app
Great tool
Great tooldaWalster
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Thank you for another great resource tool to ad in my new practice. Easy to navigate and tons of great topics to choose from.
Best app for anesthesia.
Best app for anesthesia.BigDaddyWillis
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Clean, concise, user friendly app with a wealth of information at your fingertips!
Great app
Great appPwylds
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Awesome! Thank you for all your time and effort.
Master Anesthesia
Master AnesthesiaTheRomanEmpire2022
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Great app, very organized and easy to navigate. Sleek design as well!
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The drug calculation function alone is mind blowing. I only just downloaded this but at first glance it looks clean, detailed, and easy to use. Great job!
Important Information at your...
Important Information at your...grndtikal
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My students use this and I found it very helpful.
John Doe
John Doe615lifesaver
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Great comprehensive anesthesia app. As a CRNA, I've been looking for a pediatric drug calculator and this one is great. The procedure notes are super helpful too. Well done!
Excellent App
Excellent Appheyanesthesia
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Such a wonderful app! So helpful and informational!
Great Anesthesia App
Great Anesthesia AppSamantha1986
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So far this app is easy to navigate. Love the easy dosing of weight based drugs all in one concise place.
One stop shop...
One stop shop...naught-ya
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Thank you for all the consolidation that this app has to offer! Wonderful for clinical practice
Love it!
Love it!xcompactdiscx
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I'm really happy to see some serious competition in the world of anesthesia apps! So far my favorite is the calculator. So easy to use and read. I am a 2nd year SRNA and this app is excellent for careplanning.
Master Anesthesia
Master AnesthesiaGb1109
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I've been on the app for just minutes and already loving it. Thank you for producing it.
Great App
Great AppRagril
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Clear, concise, accurate.
Justin CRNA Utah
Justin CRNA Utahhgfd hhffg
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Much needed in this hectic world we live in. Thanks for all your hard work.
Omg!!!!!! This is the app I've....
Omg!!!!!! This is the app I've....TazCRNA
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Absolutely, idiot proof. So easy and intuitive to use. Thank you, for all your hard work.
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Great app for SRNAS
Amazing App
Amazing AppDwkeefe
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Beyond exceptional. So much work went into this thing
New App
New Appgobluefromflorida
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Greatest app yet for everything Nurse Anesthesiologists
Very well done.
Very well done.Jeffyo07
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It has everything I'd want in an anesthesia app. Surgeries with descriptions and anesthetic approaches, conditions and anesthetic approaches, and references for the info. I'm not keen on requiring a Facebook or Google login to use it, but you can't have everything and that's really a nitpick considering how well done this is. Cheers on the job well done. -A CRNA
Pro version is amazing
Pro version is amazingehans89
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recently purchased the pro version. Had some difficulty with the update and accessing the pro version material at first. I emailed customer support and Matthew responded swiftly with the appropriate solution to the problem I was having. I have found the app to be very helpful in the clinical setting as a student. I have been very happy with my purchase thus far.
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This app is amazing!! It has all the information you need for tons of procedures. It has an easy to use calculation feature, great for calculating drug dosages for adults and peds. This app is great for new and seasoned practitioners!! Buy it now!! You won't regret it
Anes Resident
Anes Residentnoras20
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It is great helpful & excellent reference, once u know how to read from it All consideration written according to Surgery or condition Even u can calculate whatever drugs equipment size according to age & weight specifically pediatric pt ...

“On average, clinicians have 2-3 minutes to find the answer they’re looking for before they give up”

“Two questions are raised for
every three patients seen”

“roughly two-thirds of questions are left unanswered”

Quick Answers to Clinical Questions


Approaches and implications


Impacts on the anesthetic approach


Dosages and details


Quick. Easy. Accurate.

Chat With Our AI

Introducing our cutting-edge Anesthesia AI feature – a revolutionary advancement in patient care and safety. Master Anesthesia understands the critical role that anesthesia plays in medical procedures, and we are thrilled to present an intelligent solution designed to enhance precision and efficiency in administering anesthesia.

Our AI-driven system leverages state-of-the-art algorithms to thoroughly analyze a plethora of data which will assist in optimizing your delivery of anesthesia. With a commitment to prioritizing patient well-being, our Anesthesia AI feature aims to elevate the standards of anesthesia management, providing anesthesia professionals with a powerful tool to enhance their practice. Welcome to the future of anesthesia, where technology augments your professional training – for a safer healthcare experience.

Instant Calculations

A few variables and you’ll have everything you need for drug dosages, fluids, equipment, and more…


Master Anesthesia is as your trusted companion, standing by to assist you with challenging surgical cases. Similar to a fellow provider, Master Anesthesia is here to lend expertise, guidance, and support as you navigate complex anesthesia scenarios. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a student seeking more experienced insights, you can rely on Master Anesthesia to be by your side, ensuring that you have the assistance you need for successful outcomes.


Make the most of your precious 30-minute lunch break without spending it on research! Let Master Anesthesia provide you with the anesthetic implications of that condition you haven’t encountered since school, all in less than 5 minutes. 


Each drug comes with a plethora of information to remember. We’ve got you covered by condensing the essential details into a concise overview that takes less than 5 minutes. Get a quick and practical understanding of each drug without feeling inundated with information.


Over 1000 anesthesia-related acronyms

“In the OR, the C/S was underway with the MDA and CRNA managing the CABG. As the CPB was initiated, CMS protocols for CVC placement were followed. Meanwhile, an AA prepared the CPAP and the CMT checked the COETT. The CEA was postponed due to elevated BUN and BZD was on hold due to potential CLABSI. Post-op, the CICV strategy was discussed to ensure optimal CPSP management.”

...enough said.

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